What Global Warming can Teach You About Terrorism?

Dear Superpreneur,

Do you feel sad and bad after the Spanish attacks?  Probably like most tourists having already visited Barcelona, you walked on Las Ramblas.  Omg, what happened is really terrible!

But do you know that climate change has been a major contributor to the Syrian conflict and the rise of ISIS?  As explained in another post, we are now living in a world of disorder with planet Earth under pressure.  Starting in 2006, Syria suffered its worst drought in 900 years.  Farmers got ruined and were forced to move into cities alongside Iraqi refugees.  Syria’s livestock was then quickly decimated with scarcity of resources like water and food.  It resulted a huge suffering in the Syrian population, and this social chaos was an important driver of the initial unrest.

Climate experts have also argued that global warming potentially created permanent disruptions to wind and rainfall patterns, both changes accelerating the drought.

You know the consequences: the rise of ISIS, the migrant crisis and the political troubles across Europe and the world.

The link between global warming and the rise of terrorism is a reminder that superpreneurs (perhaps you if you are looking for some ideas for your next startup), should work on solutions to solve some of the problems caused by climate changes. For example, access to food, water and medicine must be improved.  Do you know about those drones in Africa that are dropping medicine drug boxes?  Electricity is unavailable in many regions of the world.  Do you know about this Belgian company building solar kiosks in Africa where people can buy what they need just by sending a SMS?

Definitively, in the Age of Acceleration, the world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest opportunities for superpreneurs.  Consider geopolitical changes and forces, identify a serious issue, find a solution by using exponential technologies and don’t give up until you impact the world!

Build the World You Love!



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