Do you have big things you wanted to get done this year that aren’t where you want them to be?

Do you feel lonely working by yourself day in and day out without being able to talk to someone who really gets the crazy life you live?

Do you feel isolated and like you have to hold it together for everyone?

Do you have challenges or opportunities in your business that you know you need to solve or seize?

What if you could wake up — tomorrow — and find yourself fully supported by a trusted mentor with proven advice?

If you know it’s time to make a change, then drop me a mail at

I work with innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, and C-Level executives to make sure their businesses work better – for them, their teammates, their customers, and their communities.

Contact me if you need help to leverage your business, launch new product/services and make more money while working less.

I also like to speak about innovation, disruption, technologies and how to succeed at the Age of Acceleration.  Feel free to book me for your event, conference, workshop, executive meeting, …

Some testimonials:

“Fabrice is a natural leader”

“Very professional and committed to a quality outcome”

“Extraordinary capabilities and mindset”

“Fabrice is a brilliant mind, logical thinker and just extraordinaire! Any team coached by Fabrice will excel!”

“Exceptional mindset and capabilities”

“I would love to work with Fabrice in the future”

“I encourage everyone to look at Fabrice’s profile, such an inspiring person who literally shoots for the moon!”

Thank you, Fabrice, for all the mentoring sessions that you gave us. It is just an amazing ability to be able to ask the right questions. You have that ability. I really enjoyed working with you and I hope that we will be able to do business once again in the future!”

“I would like to thank you most sincerely for the support and assistance provided to us during the mentoring. I really appreciated your very concrete way of working and helping us. It was a determining factor for success. Again a big thank you.”

“It was a true pleasure having you as a speaker at our event! Thank you so much for an inspiring speech! Would highly recommend it to anyone interested in knowing how to succeed at the Age of Acceleration.”

“Yesterday was incredible! Thank you Fabrice for your talk, you are my hero.”

“It was really great. You have prepared really well and it was appreciated. Very interesting and helpful. Thank you for taking it seriously the audience loved it. Thanks!”