Customer, Customer, Customer

Dear Superpreneur,

Do you know what is the most important in business?  Breakthrough idea?  A-Team? Lot of cash?  Well, for sure, all this is super important, but what is paramount is to have customers!

Some companies have wonderful products or services, they have also an excellent team, but they have almost no sales.  This is not sustainable on the long term, and for several reasons.

First of all, once you start your business, having customers allows you to experiment your idea with real needs.  You are then able to iterate, improve and always get better products or services.

Secondly, customers brings revenues, and if you have a good business model and you are good at managing your costs, you will generate margins, which means cash.  And cash is crucial!  How many organizations are failing by lack of cash?  A lot!  This is one of the main causes of failures, if not the most important one.

Thirdly, happy customers are your best ambassadors.  Some companies are not investing a lot of money in marketing, rather they invest in building strong customer relationships.  Why? Because their happy customers are the best advocates for their products or services. If you have $10,000 marketing budget to spend, would you buy a FB, Twitter or Instagram advertising campaign or  would you make a road show to meet your 20% customers that brings 80% of your revenues?

Last but not least, customers contribute to continuous innovation by pushing you beyond your limits.  You don’t want to disappoint your best customers when they ask you extra features on your platform or to offer 24/7 support while initially you were thinking just to support them during working hours.  Of course, you should not accept all the requests, and you can let them know your roadmap to achieve specific levels, but their demands will surely push you and your team to think about.  This continuous improvement process is highly beneficial for companies, and especially young startups.  It allows organizations to stay alive, dynamic and somehow avoid to be disrupted.

So, focus on your customers, get as many clients as possible, never refuse orders. You can always find extra resources to help you and get the job done.

Build the World You Love!



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