Sales Persuasion

Dear Superpreneur,

Recently I attended a webinar from Matthew Kimberley about Sales Persuasion.  Matthew presented a nice framework that I would like to share with you.

First of all, you need to qualify the sales prospect.  Is that person the right person to make the purchase/investment decision?  If yes, then, create a connection with your client.  Try to find common interests.  Matthew said that kids and dogs are generally good anchor points.  Once you have well connected, take control of the meeting.  Tell the client how the meeting will go and what you expect as output of the meeting.  Explain why you are credible.  Give testimonials, number of clients using your product, traction you may have.  Now it’s time to explain what’s the problem your prospect is facing and what your solution is.  Instead of listing all your product/features, Matthew recommend to focus on the benefits for your client.  Keep going by giving social proof like use cases or testimonials.  Before your prospect start arguing, pre-empt objections. And now comes the important moment to make the offer.  Don’t leave the meeting without having made your proposal!  Sweeten the deal by offering something more … can be a discount or something special for today.  Try to find a way to have a risk-free proposal.  It can be through your warranty conditions or support service.  As final points, introduce the notion of scarcity, like a limited quantity available or that you make this offer to a limited happy few customers; and the notion of urgency, like a deadline to make a decision.  Finally, close the deal by signing a purchase order, a Terms Sheet, a LOI, a MOU, a contract or at least shake hands and agree on a schedule to finalize paperwork.

I do believe that if you follow that framework, you should be able to close more deals.  Now of course the more you practice the best you become.

Last but not least, Matthew Kimberley will give a Professional Sales Persuasion Course that you might want to attend.  There is a special offer expiring today.  Feel free to check should you be interested.

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