The Superpreneur Blueprint Framework is a set of cutting-edge strategies and tactics to materialize crazy ideas and build breakthrough ventures to solve the world’s biggest problems. The framework can be summarized in the acronym PATH TOWARDS SUCCESS.  

PATH is the acronym for the Core Pillars of the framework and means Purpose – Ambition – Thrust – Humility. Superpreneurs are guided by a very strong purpose.  They have also very high ambitions. They have a propulsive force, a thrust, by leveraging resources around them.  And superpreneurs stay humble along the journey.

TOWARDS is the acronym for the Guiding Principles: Tracking – Overachieving – Wow – Attracting – Rewarding – Delivering – Selling. Superpreneurs are masters at using data to track their achievement towards their goals.  They are obsessed to overachieve and give much more than what was expected from them.  They create solutions which create a wow effect.  They are attracting the best people to join them (employees, investors, customers, partners).  Superpreneurs build businesses which are rewarding in many aspects (environmental, societal and economic benefits).  They are always looking at the five percent which makes a difference in delivering only the best.  And finally, they are excellent at selling.

SUCCESS is the acronym for the Key Characteristics of a superpreneur blueprint venture and covers Service-minded – Unique – Customer-centric – Competitive – Executable – Scalable – Sustainable.  Superpreneur Blueprint ventures make their customer feel special and are truly unique.  They focus on customers to constantly improve themselves. They are better than their competitors by an order of magnitude. Superpreneur Blueprint ventures are maniac about flawless execution. By removing all barriers, they are able to scale exponentially.  And lastly, they are sustainable companies creating a long-lasting impact in the world.