Leading in the Age of Acceleration

Leading in the Age of Acceleration requires to learn faster and manage smarter.  Superpreneurs must have the right mindset, tools and network.  Providing such tips is clearly the main objective of my blog.

Today, I would like to share with you some interesting insights from a webcast I attended.  Lisa Kay Solomon from Singularity University explained that there are 4 types of exponential leaders:

  • The Futurist who sees possibilities
  • The Innovator who finds a way to do it
  • The Technologist who builds the tools
  • The Humanitarian who makes it serve people

“While Futurists optimistically imagine and inspire bold new possibilities, Innovators discover new ideas through investigation, ideation, experimentation and understanding their customers.  Technologists understand and anticipate how technologies will impact core industry and adjacent ones.  Humanitarians make choices to transform scarce resources into abundant opportunities to positively and responsibly impact communities beyond ourselves.”

I believe that superpreneurs are a good mix of the 4 types of exponential leaders.  A superpreneur sees bold possibilities, discover new ideas, understand the exponential technologies to be used and have a strong desire to improve the society.

Lisa Kay Solomon suggested 3 practices:

  1. Create time for discovery and say no to anything which is not a priority 
  2. Ask [amazon_textlink asin=’1632861054′ text=’beautiful questions’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’superpreneur3-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7c8b7f66-6de3-11e7-95a5-119845f60b5f’]
  3. Activate learning everyday

So, may I suggest that you start today …

Build the World You Love!


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