Be Smart

Being super-efficient and bold will not be sufficient to achieve extraordinary results as a superpreneur if you are not smart enough.

From my childhood until now, one of my preferred daily routine, has always been to read.  As a child, I was reading novels, science books, practical guides and encyclopedias!  I was passionate about encyclopedias, literally feeding my brain with a lot of knowledge about everything.  Now, you can read and learn a lot through articles on social networks but also via e-books ([amazon_textlink asin=’B00OQVZDJM’ text=’Kindle’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’superpreneur3-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4f476c94-2331-11e7-abba-790d15b29bd1′] and others).  Audiobooks are also fantastic.  I discovered them quite recently and I’m now a big fan.  You can learn a lot while you are driving or traveling (plane, train, metro, …) or doing your morning workout.  I recommend [amazon_textlink asin=’B00NB86OYE’ text=’Audible’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’superpreneur3-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e61b0757-2331-11e7-9a9c-07aeb59b2755′] and podcasts.  Three of my preferred podcasts are Entrepreneur On Fire, The Tim Ferriss Show and The Tony Robbins Podcast.

Permanent learning is essential to be efficient in your life and in your entrepreneurial journey. For example, CoFoundersLab Learning Center offers high-quality courses at affordable prices.  You can also decide to follow an executive program.  I recommend MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Insead but there are plenty of other business schools delivering good stuff.

Another way to continuously learn is by attending conferences, seminars and other events.  Don’t forget to have with you a good camera to make pictures of the presentations.  Store all the presentations with all courses you have been attended into a ‘Education’ folder.  Build over time a knowledge base.  One day or the other you will need some information.  If not yourself, perhaps someone from your team will need it.

Register on webinars that are relevant to your business or industry. Major business schools organize regular webinars but you can also attend the ones provided by experts, journalists and best-selling authors.

Also, don’t stop learning by listening to others.  Your friends, your industry peers, your colleagues, your mentors and advisors know certain things that you don’t.  Be humble and listen to them.  Meet them at get-together events, have a coffee or lunch or have regular chats over Skype, but don’t stay in your comfort zone.  Let them to challenge you.  If one friend mentions to me something I don’t know well, I will ask him to explain and/or I will make research to know more about.

Last but not least, stay informed about how the world is moving.  Watch news on TV or on the web, read special reports and specialized books about geopolitics and economy.

Being smart gives you the ability to understand fast, and this is a big advantage in the age of acceleration where technologies and knowledge are growing exponentially.

Build over time a general knowledge made of technology, geopolitics, economy, finance, business, management, self-development, sociology and marketing.  Superpreneurs must be well-rounded in all those matters. Such a knowledge will help them to build breakthrough companies that will solve the major problems of our society.

Being smart allows entrepreneurs to be truly remarkable and get phenomenal results.


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