Make It Count

“Smart people should make things”

says Marc Andreessen, the famous VC.

As a superpreneur, you are smart and I also believe that you should make things that counts.  I mean working on things that can impact the world.  Today, the world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest business opportunities.  There are many problems to be solved:

  1. Climate changes are terra forming the Earth
  2. Automatization is changing the workplace
  3. Unemployment is globally increasing
  4. Education is not adapting fast enough to the Age of Acceleration
  5. There are still many diseases and illnesses we have not found the remedies yet
  6. Self-driving cars, drones, … will require more and more electricity … how to create more sustainable sources of energy?

You will be able to complete the list, and I could spend several blog posts just enumerating problems that humanity is facing.

So ask yourself one question: what’s your MTP, your Massively Transformative Purpose?

Is it to create a cool social or gaming app?  Or is it to solve a big problem like the ones above?

My belief is that superpreneurs should focus on major problems.  Once you are sure about your MTP, try to develop moonshots, i.e. specific ideas/projects you will work on that serve your grand vision goals inside your MTP.  For example, if your MTP is to contribute to fight against the effects of climate changes, one moonshot could be to implement a revolutionary mobility solution.

Try to have moonshots that are realistic with respect to your experience and track record.  Elon Musk co-created PayPal and became billionaire before creating Tesla and SpaceX.

But please be bold!

Split your moonshot into near-term achievable objectives.  What’s your objectives for the next 3 weeks, for the next 3 months and for the next 12 months.  Stay focused on your near-term objectives and step by step you will see your project moving forward into the right direction.

Also be prepared that the journey will be hard and long.  Any idea that has impacted the world took many years before to take off.

It could be a big part of your life, but it’s worth to do.  Which story will you want to tell to your grand-children?

Build the World You Love!


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