Make Your Personal Roadmap for Next Year

Dear Superpreneur,

As a new year is very closed, take some time to make your personal roadmap for 2018 and even beyond.

Firstly, you should list your objectives for the next 3 to 6 months.  What can be your next quick wins?  What are the short steps that you can make towards your goals?  Try to identify the tangible actions which make headway on your plan.  Perhaps you need next year to stabilize your incomes or to gain new experiences or even to add new skills.

Secondly, repeat this for the next 6 to 12 months.  One year out, what would you like to be doing differently?  Perhaps you would like to start on new skills trainings, or you have new ideas to share with others.  What about your business network and your reputation?  In term of leadership, do you need to demonstrate more skilled-action examples?

Thirdly, try to explore what your objectives are beyond 12 months.  Here you need to detail the plans that will take more time to implement.  You can also set goals in areas that might be more ambitious.  These plans should align with your long-term goals here below.  At this stage of your personal roadmap, you have to include your personal ambitions.

The next part of your personal roadmap consists of describing your long-term goals, i.e. the life beyond the business.  These plans must confirm alignment of the goals above – tie them together.  Are there other projects on which you would like to work on?  Are there skills you lack, that would help you growth?  Are there other opportunities you can explore? Is there another business that might be a better fit?  What skills do you want to develop that will open more doors?  Are you ready to lead a team?  How can you build a performing team?

Finally, work on your personal goals.  What are your work/life balance goals?  What do you want really do?  Do you want adventure or stability?  Do you want to stay where you are, or do you want to move somewhere else?  What ‘other’ parts of yourself do you want to develop (beyond career)?  If money were not an issue, what would you be doing today?  What types of adjustments  do you want to make in your life to allow more leisure, hobby time, or quality family time?

Work on each part first, then try to see if your short-term and long-term goals are coherent, and finally see if your superpreneur goals are well aligned with your personal goals.

When your roadmap is done, keep a copy on your desk so you can see it everyday. It will help a lot to get clarity in what you are doing, keep your priorities and to say no to all the distractions that are not aligned with your roadmap.

Revisit your roadmap every quarter, every semester and every year.

Don’t give up in your quest of your dreams and keep going!

Happy holidays and in 2018 keep building the world you love!

Best wishes




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