The New Space Race or How to Invent Tomorrow

Dear Superpreneur,

On 16 and 17 November, Luxembourg hosted the New Space Conference.  It was an amazing event and it would be too long to report the so many interesting topics that were discussed.  Yet, let’s focus on some worthwhile findings of the Conference.

  1. Luxembourg is clearly showing their leadership in the New Space race with many more companies wanting to establish their European (or even worldwide) headquarters in the Grand-Duchy.  The major announcement came from Spire which just closed a C-round including Luxembourg and which will establish their headquarters there with 250 people to be hired.
  2. Speakers agree that several forces are driving the New Space race and economy: (a) environmental issues and climate changes (b) pressure to build new infrastructures to access space (c) security of supply (d) increase quality of service (more automation and remote control) (e) market liberalization (services) (f) desire to explore new worlds and build permanent human colonies on the Moon and Mars.
  3. The New Space economy requires an appropriate ecosystem (as Luxembourg is putting in place) involving technology players, standardization, legal framework(s), public and private investments and a clear vision.
  4. For astropreneurs, as for other industries, it is important to have a North Star to follow, be a market maker and think big from the start, focus on the generation of revenues (the first source of money is customers rather than investors or grants), follow the technical trends to always offer the top-notch products/services, be responsible with the desire to impact the world.

As Steve Jobs said:

“Let’s go invent tomorrow, instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.”

It has never been a so good time to be a superpreneur in the New Space industry!

Build the World You Love.



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