The Superpreneur Blueprint Monday post #Week 41 2020

1. Tip of the week

You have a fantastic idea for a new venture. Good!  But before going too far, check how attractive a business can be built around that idea. Sometimes it’s better skipping and brainstorming about another idea. Similarly, if your idea is going to lead to a lifestyle business where you may just be able to pay the bills and your employees, it will never become that breakthrough venture you are looking for.

2. Quote of the week

“Well, I was making a record, and I had to choose a name, because they said, you know, you can’t make a record under the name of Reg Dwight, because it’s never going to – you know, it’s not attractive enough.” Elton John

3. Questions of the week

Are you sure your business is within a market big enough? Will you be able to sell at a fair price? How much does it cost on average to make a sale? Can you get your product on market fast enough?

Build the World You Love!

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