The Superpreneur Blueprint Monday post #Week17 2020

1. Tip of the week

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin: Start by laying a solid foundation, then apply the internalized principles to increasingly complex scenarios. In making smaller circles take a single technique or idea and practice it until you feel its essence. Then gradually condense the learning while maintaining power, until you are left with an extremely potent and nearly invisible arsenal. Again focus on a select group of techniques and internalize them until the mind perceives them in tremendous detail. Finally use your cultivation of the last two principles to control your intention and do this by zooming in on very small details to which others are completely oblivious.

2. Quote of the week

‘Growth comes at the point of resistance. We learn by pushing ourselves and finding what really lies at the outer reaches of our abilities.’ – Josh Waitzkin

3. Question of the week

How much consistent are you in learning new skills and competencies?

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