The Superpreneur Blueprint Monday post #Week12 2020

1. Tip of the week

With the corona crisis, we are entering an economic winter (as popularized by Jim Rohn). Winters can be very challenging. You will feel frustrated because you will not be able to do things that you’re used to. It is also easy to get depressed during winters because the environment is gloomy. Always remember that winters are inevitable, when it comes, learn everything that you can so you can come out of it stronger and wiser. As long as you have the skills to get past it, you win.

2. Quote of the week

“Your past does not equal your future.”– Tony Robbins

3. Questions of the week

What’s my Burn Rate and Runway? How to change my business model to adapt to the crisis? How to fund my company in this new context?

PS: I provide online mentoring sessions for business owners who are struggling to find answers to those questions. Feel free to PM me.

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