10 Ways to Be More Impactful in 2020

As 2019 comes to an end, I would like to share 10 ways to be more impactful in 2020.

1. Explore and use new technologies

In 2020 you should continue exploring, testing and using emerging technologies and understand how these technologies are going to disrupt your industry, how they can bring new business opportunities and how they can also impact positively your life.

2. Build international relationships

Why not starting next year new international relationships, and particularly with China and the other champions of the emerging world. There are many levers that can be activated like joint innovative projects, joint training or educational programmes. Or working together at solving big problems and tackling big challenges.

3. Embrace an alternative worldview

Take the opportunity of the coming year to favour interdependence rather than hyper-individualism, reciprocity rather than dominance and cooperation rather than hierarchy.

4. Be an agent of the change

It’s time to be a doer and bring new life to your organizations, your community and to the society in general.

5. Work backward from the future

In order to build the world and the future you love, work backward from that future to see concretely what has to be done today!

6. Aim for 10X, not 10%

Be bold and ambitious … You are not going to succeed at the Age of Acceleration with a linear mindset aiming at 10% improvement. Think exponentially and aim at 10X … How can you improve your productivity by ten times, how can you learn ten times faster, how can my organization create an impact 10X more powerful.

7. Be data-driven

Use data, don’t be dominated by data but use it intelligently to track your progresses, to fine tune your goals, to better know your clients and partners.

8. Be an experimentalist

Try new things … new technologies, new countries … new cooperations.

9. Humanize and use chaos

A strong culture is what makes the difference with machines and artificial intelligence.

Don’t be afraid about chaos … because that’s the new norm at the Age of Acceleration.

Build empathic relationships with everybody … humanize everything you do … again that’s the difference with machines.

10. Transform for purpose, not just profit

And finally be purposeful … find your stuff … do things because it’s good for next generations, not just for profit

In conclusion, next year, start being purposeful and cultivate boldness, productivity, learning and empathy.

Abraham Lincoln once said “The best way to predict your future is to create it”

So, in 2020, I encourage you to create the future, your future, OUR future.


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