The Future of Robotics

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As a member of Peter’s Diamandis A360 mastermind program, I attended a webinar about robotics with Melonee Wise, CEO of Fetch Robotics.

She explained that today there is a lot of wasted efforts in work.  There are many non value-added works (mainly for transportation purposes).  This is what Fetch Robotics wants to eliminate with robots.

They have a variety of VirtualConveyor robots and accessories to suit warehouse and logistics needs. Their newest autonomous mobile robots, Freight500 and Freight 1500, support larger, heavier case pack or even palletized loads.

The installation takes 3 days and then they offer a 30-day pilot phase.  Then, they usually sell the hardware and clients have also to pay an annual fee for the cloud service.  They are currently analyzing leasing possibilities with a financial partner.

Melonee thinks that AI and robotics can provide a lot of value and will not destroy humankind.   She sees skills gap as a more important problem today in the job market.

She mentioned that quote:

“If we have the intelligence to put people out of work, then we have the intelligence to put people back to work.”

What about taxing robots?  Melonee said:

“If we start tax robots, then we have to start tax all computers!”

She sees weaponization of robotics as a more important issue.

Regarding opportunities for entrepreneurs, she would avoid the home market because it will not be a reality before 10 years.  Cost of robots is an issue before penetrating the individual home.  She recommends entrepreneurs to consider outdoor logistics and manufacturing markets.

And you, what do you think about the future of robotics?  Please leave your comments or send me an email to

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