About The Necessity To Change The Education System

This week I attended an interesting event about EdTech, i.e. the digital transformation of the education system.  As of today, developed countries allocate 6% of their GDP to education.  This is significative. In France, Simplon is a coder factory with a social purpose.  They mainly target young people that are unemployed.  Their results are quite impressive and some students who don’t like school and stopped their studies, get educated in a few months while it would take minimum one year with traditional studies.  Most of them find a job afterwards.  Besides such kind of initiatives, MOOC and other online education are also becoming more popular.  However, online education does not provide interaction with the teacher, so some platforms offer human interaction sessions when students are blocked on some specific subjects.

As I already mentioned in previous posts, I strongly believe that entrepreneurs shall transform the world.  Faced to the challenges of the Age of Acceleration there is an urgency to act on the new generation, kids up to 10 years old, and create a new generation of superpreneurs. Young entrepreneurs that are bold, smart, ready to solve the major problems on the planet and beyond (deep space exploration).  Young entrepreneurs that are cautious about the big geopolitical and environmental challenges.

By 2050, we will be 10 billions on Earth.  This number may seem huge.  But actually, if each person stands on a pod of one square meter, the whole human kind could actually stand on the surface of a country of the size of Lebanon!   Hence, demographical expansion is not a problem in the coming years. The major problem is the use of the resources and the optimal distribution among the populations.  There is then a urgent necessity to change the education system and create that new generation of entrepreneurs, technologists and politicians that will build a world which has more coherency in terms of resource allocation.

This is a major challenge! EdTech could play a vital role in that perspective.


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