The Superpreneur Mindset

In my previous posts, I explained that among all skills required to be a superpreneur, super-efficiency, boldness and smart thinking are probably the most important ones.

But all these qualities are not sufficient without the superpreneur mindset which includes the following core values:

  1. Not accept the status quo
  2. Strong desire to reshape the world
  3. Change how things are done
  4. Improve our society
  5. Make life on earth better for the next generations
  6. See a world of abundance rather than a world of scarcity
  7. Use and master exponential technologies
  8. Have a long term vision
  9. Be customer-centric
  10. Don’t be afraid about risks if the ultimate goal is important
  11. Create wealth with a 10x thinking

In future posts, I will explain each of those core values.  But for now, I would like to say that it’s unfortunate not to train at school such mindset to kids.  I don’t like generalities, but my feeling is that  education is today too much conventional and not disruptive at all.  Are we preparing our children to live in a world of acceleration?  Do they know what can be achieved thanks to exponential technologies?  Are they solid enough to work tomorrow in a globalized world?  Are teachers explaining the new geopolitical forces reshaping the world and the new powers that are emerging?  And last but not least, are our kids aware that climate changes are going to be worst and worst if we don’t collectively act today and urgently? But most importantly, are they trained that, with the correct mindset, using the exponential technologies and by developing the appropriate skills, they can become superpreneurs and impact the future?

I believe that it’s our mission to create a new generation of superpreneurs that will be able to tackle the most crucial problems, find solutions and create a better future for everyone.

If any reader is involved in education programmes, I would be happy to hear their comments.



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